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Forging industry: 2017 worth looking forward to

According to the development trend of forging products, and the "2025" key Chinese manufacturing direction and the "Office of the State Council on machinery industry and promote structural adjustment and guidance" to increase the efficiency of transformation, the growth momentum of forging industry in 2017 mainly from the automotive, aerospace, electronics and communications equipment, rail transportation and other fields.

The automotive industry continues to be a key sector of demand, and lightweight drives new research and innovation in new structures and materials. At present, the effective control of fuel consumption has become a battle for multinational enterprises. Technologies for developing passenger vehicle gasoline engines are being developed abroad. High pressure common rail fuel injection tube is made of stainless steel, suitable for gasoline use. This technology will be in mass production in 2018. The non - quenched and tempered steel material is used in the injector of diesel engine. Domestic forging enterprises are researching and developing the forging process of stainless steel fuel injection pipe. The forging of this product is different from other types of stainless steel forging. Another new technology is to reduce emissions, the engine at low speed, only two cylinders at work, overseas research and development of pull type camshaft. The previous camshaft is integral, and the new structure will be a combination of 2 camshafts. Domestic forging enterprises are also synchronous development. It is worth mentioning that, the electric bus market growth.

China's ultra high strength steel hot stamping production line is mainly concentrated in the hands of foreign brands, controlling the market price of hot stamping parts. Domestic enterprises engaged in high-strength steel stamping parts production only a few Baosteel, and products from design to production line layout, as well as equipment layout, planning, etc., basically rely on the introduction. Our country spends a great deal of money to import such equipment every year, and the price of the single equipment is about 100 million yuan. Although the foreign hot stamping technology is relatively mature, but the implementation of technical blockade in China, the introduction of production lines is not only expensive, but also can not get the core technology, affecting normal production. After several years of research, the local enterprises have been able to form automatic production of complete sets of equipment manufacturing high strength steel hot stamping, decrease cost and hot stamping hot stamping tooling price, but also can significantly increase the application range of hot stamping.

Aerospace and military industry has been the highlight of the development, which will also be an important growth point of the forging industry. The growing demand for air transportation and general aviation services has created a vast market space for the development of aircraft manufacturing. The skin is very important for aircraft sheet metal parts, in military aircraft, but also directly influence the forming quality of skin coating stealth effect, so the forming quality of aircraft skin is crucial for a plane for. China's major aircraft manufacturers to produce more and more types of aircraft, skin stretching machine all rely on imports. At present, large aircraft factories in China demand larger skin stretching equipment.

Aerospace has a greater demand for stamping, sheet metal parts, including tube forming parts. The manufacturing technology of large lightweight and high-strength metal structure as the main object to the airframe and landing gear, wing panel, box girder rib and other components, manufacturing process research is being carried out, China's aviation titanium alloy forging enterprise Aluminum Alloy, aluminum lithium alloy and Gao Qianggang metal structure, some products have been successfully developed. Aero engine industry chain length, wide coverage of the national economic and technological development has a great role in promoting, its development depends largely on the development of materials and manufacturing technology, the isothermal forging is the key manufacturing advanced aero engine, capable of using titanium alloy, high temperature alloy steel forming an important means of manufacturing at present, has made great progress.

Electronic and communication equipment, rail transportation equipment, construction machinery and other fields are also important markets for the forging industry. To improve the accuracy of parts of electronic and communication equipment, it is necessary to adopt precision forming to change the original process. For example, the modules used by the base station adopt the deformation 6 series aluminum alloy forming to meet the product tolerance requirements. At the same time, the demand for forgings and sheet metal parts will increase in urban metro construction. The construction of infrastructure in the process of urbanization also requires more sheet metal products. The basic components of construction machinery also have considerable market demand for forging.

It is noteworthy that, as "China made 2025" key areas, bio medicine and high-performance medical equipment, sheet metal parts also have a greater demand. In addition, in the more complex, low value-added products export market. Such as small machinery, bicycles, motorcycles and other supporting parts, because the related parts of complex shape, forming processes, precision consistency requirements, strict control of the manufacturing process. The private enterprises in China can meet the market demand of small quantity and many varieties.

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