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Space heavy industry

In August 28th, aerospace heavy engineering equipment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the aerospace industry") development and production of 110 tons of two heavy electric wheel dump truck, after fierce competition, small batch the Shenhua Group, the amount of more than 2600 yuan, for the two sides together to create a "civil military integration" model again taken a substantial step.

Two 110 tons of heavy motorized wheel dump truck is heavy tonnage space open-air mining products in the smallest one, developed in May 2013, the same year in October 15th to attend the twelfth session of Chinese (Beijing) international engineering machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and seminar attracted industry attention. This product has the results of industrial operation in Xilinhaote open-pit mine and Jiangxi Datang International Jiujiang Chengmenshan Copper Mine, the loaded ratio, safe and reliable operation, low failure rate, by the user praise for "good products run fast as more money". In November 2014, the product through the detection of the National Mine Machinery Quality Supervision and inspection center, become the China Shenhua Group of 110 tons, 220 tons and above mine truck "short list" for heavy truck suppliers, aerospace products to enter the market, Shenhua Group to jointly build a central enterprises cooperation, military integration has laid a solid foundation.

It is reported that space heavy industry and Shenhua Group in the new energy, underground transportation equipment, mining heavy equipment and other aspects of good cooperation. In March 20th this year, space heavy industry to more than 7000 yuan "worth" won the Shenhua Group 100 tons of frame type carrier truck and 100 tons of battery shovel board truck. The 8.8 meters fully complete mining project by the State Department in three "China 2025 energy equipment manufacturing plan" and "coal industry development" 13th Five-Year "plan" the more intelligent of fully mechanized mining equipment research and development and demonstration project, product development success, will become the world's largest coal mine field of auxiliary transport equipment.